University Career Center

Writing your CV

Personal data

Name and surname, date of birth, place of birth, your address, contact telephone and/or e-mail address. (In EU countries, it is not necessary to indicate your date of birth or marital status as it can be considered as discrimination factor).

Key competencies

Use this part only if you want to highlight your competencies and skills, which emphasizes that you are the best choice for the job.


This information is usually set down from the highest educational level to the ordinary one:

  • Write down the full name of university faculty, institution or school, as well as the achieved title.
  • Write the full heading of the thesis or course.

Working experience

Start from your current/last engagement and include all jobs and related experience (i.e. volunteer work , internship est.). Look at the part: Advice: What employers are looking for?

Interest and additional information

Mention all the positions you’ve held as a member of clubs, either during your studies or out in society itself. Highlight the skills that you gained, for example: communication, writing reports, prioritising jobs etc, but do it in a concise way. Highlight your achievements at the University or at work, in the club etc.


It should be a person who knows well your quality as an employee and your personal values. Prior to use her/his name, ask for permission/agreement and write down their full name, titles .