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What employers want


There are several key skills that most of employers ask for.

Some employers ask for professional, skill-oriented education such as accounting, IT awareness, engineering (construction, electrical engineering, architecture) etc. Other employers are interested in knowledge related to a particular position such as awareness of commercial work (trade), computation, services, client oriented activities or some other particular technical knowledge.

Some employers might be interested in final exam results (grades). This is particularly important for sectors with the potential for further academic studies and professional development. It gives them insight into your capability to respond to obligations in both work and studies.

Regardless of the type of job, almost every employer asks for a strong personality, supported by excellent skills and competencies. Communication and personal skills are at the top of the list, followed by team work, ability to find solutions for problems, taking initiative, leadership and creativity.

The following is a list of personal qualifications that employers usually state in a vacancy:

Self-driven person with initiative

  • Employer looks for ambitious graduate who is able to take initiative and to contribute with new ideas

In order to present your qualities to the employer, it is necessary to mention all your competencies and skills. Give examples of what you've achieved at work, during your studies, in volunteering or in your leisure activities. Interest in other activities will reflect your motivation and enthusiasm. So, use it!

During the interview, be ready to give specific examples where you have accomplished a certain task .This answer is better than any „theoretical“ answer on what you might do in the future.

Always be honest in regard to your skills but never underestimate yourself! In the field where you don't have enough experience (as most graduates don’t have), focus on practical experience which you have already had.

Energetic, dynamic and client oriented person

  • Employers look for competent graduates with an energetic and dynamic approach to customers, and candidates who can prove that he/she used those skills in the past. Relevant working experience is not always required as employers often take into consideration a candidate's personality and natural talent for the role of salesman/saleswoman.

Working experience in a particular area is always desirable and gives an advantage. Prepare your CV well, remember to note down all key details and don't forget to find out more information about the company.

Commitment, dedication and competence

  • Employers from the financial and accounting sectors are searching for competent candidates for demanding posts.

Academic background and years of experience may give you the professional qualifications that you need for a post. Apart of the fact that you need to arrive on time for an interview, try to find out more about the qualifications that a company asks for.

Knowledge and persistence (patience)

  • We are looking for the ideal candidate who will show a proactive and analytical approach to the job with enthusiasm for assigned job and organization as well.

Employers look for knowledge and determination combined with an entrepreneurial spirit and attitude. Academic results and technical experience is essential for building knowledge but it is not the whole package. For example: both, personal interest and determination in dealing with banking and financial affairs are important and it will promote not only your professional knowledge but your open-mindedness as well.


Successful candidates are those who, along with natural enthusiasm, leave friendly and positive impressions; this however does not mean that they must be the best students in their class at the same time. Academic success is not the only success that employers ask for.

During the interview, your technical awareness and the possibility to apply that knowledge will be evaluated. Describing a situation where you were given a chance to satisfactorily apply your knowledge would be a confirmation of your enthusiasm, and that is exactly what employers look for!

Responsibility and intelligence

  • Employers look for serious, responsible and intelligent candidates, interested in getting serious work done.

During an interview, we are at our best in an area that genuinely attracts us! You have invested plenty of time in studying and in gaining working experience, so show them how much you really want that job!