University Career Center

Message for employers

As a response to the needs of the economic sector, we've committed ourselves to give a chance to our colleagues i.e. alumni and students in the last year of study.


  • Necessary information of the services that we're offering.
  • General information and advice in regard to the students’ expectations and work market trends.
  • Assistance about the most effective methods for promoting your program for students and graduates.
  • Help (or insight) in identifying candidates with appropriate academic, personal and working knowledge and abilities, and meeting the same.
  • Meeting Faculty’ staff members and experts within the appropriate research and/or professional area of expertise.
  • Promotion of your company


  • Publishing your vacancies at our web site.
  • Advertising your workshops, tenders etc. for students.
  • Possibility of participating at the Job Fairs, organized by the Career Centre or by some of the Faculties.

Contact us:


We need your support in order to provide the best possible service. You may help us with:

  • Directing us to your human resources office in order to make contact with them
  • Providing us with an appropriate update so we can help you to fill a full vacant post.
  • Treating all students equally regardless of their gender, age, religion or nationality, as well as to give equal treatment to people with disabilities.
  • Giving useful feedback and estimating quality of our services, which will help us to develop our work and role.

Service limitations:

We keep the right not to cooperate with agencies and mediators who do not send adequate data regarding their business. We also keep the right to make objections at the selection of a candidate if there is a reason to believe that the selection process was not fair and in the interest of our students/graduates. Also, we are not able to directly participate in the candidate's selection.