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Interview preparation

Tips for interview preparation

Write down the list of possible questions with answers. Pay attention to those questions that you may not wish to be asked about and prepare good answers. Look at samples of questions and answers on our site as they can help you to prepare yourself and present your knowledge in a good way.

Make appointment with the Career Centre Officers, especially if it is your first interview. This will help you to see areas which you haven't considered important for an interview but that are in reality. You will also receive feedback which will reinforce your performance.

On the interview’ day

Appearance and personal hygiene are very important factors. It doesn’t mean that you should look like a movie star, but your appearance must be neat, tight, with a fresh look and without excessive make-up, perfumes, and of course, with decent clothes (forget about jeans, deep cleavage, shorts, high heels, unshaven face for men etc.).

Remember , if you have been called for an interview, you have a 100% chance to get that job! Therefore be a: WINNER and reach your goal! Come 10-15 minutes earlier. If they are late, don't show your bitterness.

Use the time wisely and before you answer, openly ask them to explain or repeat any unclear question (or part of a question). If you need more time for an answer, ask them to give you a few extra moments to think about it. If you feel that your answer did not meet their expectations or that you didn’t give all the facts, ask the Panel „ is this what you have expected to hear “ or „do you want me to explain it more“?

Body language can tell much about you. Do you have a firm handshake? Do you look straight into the eyes of your interlocutor? Are you smiling while communicating with others (at appropriate moments of course)?

Your questions at the end of an interview are as equally important as those you've been asked. You should know all about the company, so let your questions be progressive i.e. about official travel abroad, possibilities of promotions, further development (academic and business) etc?. Never ask about salary!

The expected salary can often be unpleasant question! It would be good that in your mind, you have a particular amount of money that you'd like to earn. If they ask you how much salary you expect to earn and you could see that they hesitate about the sum, don't panic! You may always explain it by saying that it is the average salary for graduates with the same qualifications, but you are flexible about the sum.

After the interview

Remember that, if you don’t pass the interview, it does not mean that you are not the right person for that position, but it is just that another candidate had more experience and skills for that post.

If you didn't succeed to pass the interview, call the company and ask them for feedback about your interview. In this way you will discover the reason why you were not selected and moreover, in what areas you need to work on to improve.

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