University Career Center

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University Career Centre , co-funded by the OSCE , started operations in the middle of the year 2010. It is located in the downtown, opposite of the so-called Blue Bridge, in the University Library building in the northern part of Kosovska Mitrovica.

University Career Centre offers support to students in the final year of studies, alumni and post-graduates. It provides assistance in gaining professional development, covering eventual gaps in communicational skills and compentencies that are required for future engagement. Using innovative, applicable and adequate knowledge that is supported by hi- tech and interactive methods, the Centre offers counselling and training services, as well as the possibilities of making contact with potential employers in order to gain experience through volunteering and internship programs.

All students and alumni who completed their studies in the past 2 years and postgraduates , may access the services of the Centre every day from 9:00 am to 16:00 pm. All services are free of charge.

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University Career Centre
St. Oslobodjenja, No. 1
Коsovska Mitrovica