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Cover letter

What Cover Page (application for job) should include?

  • The reason for sending application to an employer - is it reply for the published vacancy or it is another request for an employer ( i.e. if you have some special talent, if you speak the foreign language and that skill shall be of use in company or if you might done scientific research that is of supreme importance for company, etc). Express yourself in a clear, simple but direct way.
  • Find out the name of person who is in charge for personnel issues and address letter on her/his name. You may simply call the company and ask for name. Write down correct name and title!
  • “Tail” the letter on the way it will meet job requirements. Highlight your qualities and indicate relevant part from your CV.
  • Be kind and polite in your letter. Cover letter will leave first impression of you and take you out of dozens other applications!
  • Check out the typing or grammar mistakes.
  • Do not write more than one page!
  • Keep one copy for you, as you might be called after sometimes!