University Career Center

Call for students

We are here to support you and inspire you in developing your skills, knowledge and competencies needed for your successful career.


  • Access to great number of information via electronic technology (webpage, emailing) and free printing materials with job-inquiry letters and samples of CV writing; tips regarding a professional interview and career planning.
  • Preparations for future job through workshops and courses to better understand the demands of employers in today’s work market.
  • Assistance and consultation regarding the achievements of planning working goals (professional counselling and orientation).
  • Job Fair
  • Employer's presentation (possibilities of part-time jobs, summer job, volunteering, employment).


  • Career Centre Officers shall help you to discover and develop:
  • Knowledge and value of a good-written CV, job applications, your performance at the interview;
  • How to recognize the qualities you have and what are the qualities employers ask for? What are your interests? What motivates you when you choose your career?
  • What does 'skills' consist of? What are so-called 'transferable skills' that employers are asking for? How to improve and develop your knowledge and competencies?
  • Ability of personal and effective self-marketing for potential employers (individual meetings or group session).


We depend on you, so we ask you to direct us to your queries, needs and expectations; send us your proposals and point out our eventual gaps

  • Apply for the participation at trainings and inform us if you are not able to attend training.
  • Set up appointment for assistance/consulting.
  • Write to us at:

One more thing

University Career Centre team is not able to write a CV for you, but they will help you to write it by yourself or to form it within your potential. Also, Centre is not a „Bureau for Employment“, but a tool which will prepare you to respond in an effective way to the employer's requirements. This will wake up your potential and help you to select the right profession that can make you active while searching for a job.

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