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Before sending application

Before you send a job application, first verify:

  • If all sentences are clear and if the text is readable.
  • Grammar and possible typing mistakes.
  • Whether all indicated dates and years are correct (e.g. year of study enrolment, year of graduation, date of starting the job in some company etc.)
  • Whether all names, title, and company name are correct?
  • Whether all copies of additional documents and application is printed and attached (i.e. diploma of secondary school, university degree, course, ID, recommendation letter est.)

CV – check out whether it contains:

There are different forms of presenting information in a CV (academic CV, chronologically ordered or competencies based CV). Anyway, a CV must include basic information.

Personal data

Review of your personal data is mandatory for each CV. Always write down your contact details: e-mail or phone number on which you are available.

Career objectives

If you want to highlight why you are the right person for the job/sector, note down your goals.


This is usually presented from higher education downwards.

Working experience

Use positive words that describe what you've achieved in your working place.

Additional information

Use a CV to announce the extent of your knowledge and its significance, your interests, experience and achievements, but in a concise way.


Names of persons who know well the quality of your work. Note down their contacts detail (inform them in advance about this proposal)

Cover page

Well written cover page shall complete your CV and will highlight your suitability for chosen position. Before you start to write a cover page, read carefully the vacancy announcement!

  • Use tidy, white paper, A4 size.
  • Explain clearly why you are sending this letter (i.e. as an answer to advertised post, or it might be as a response to your phone- call etc.)
  • Show that you are well informed about the company’s activities and why you’re applying for the position.
  • Tell them why you want to work for them and why you are the one who should be selected for that post. What do you offer in exchange? What relevant academic and technical experience you have, and what attracted you in regard to the job requirements?
  • Convince them that you really want that job! Maybe it will be appropriate to mention for which alternative position they may take you into consideration.
  • Write in clear language and express rational and carefully chosen thoughts.
  • At the end, don't forget to sign the letter!
  • Note the date of sending the letter and if you don't get any answer within 2 weeks, call them politely and inquire about the status of your application. In this way, you will show your interest but in a formal and restrained manner.

Other information

Find out how to write a business letter.
See the part: Samples of cover page.

Secrets of successful, personal introduction

Think carefully what employers expect and use examples from your personal life when you are introducing yourself.
A company’s application forms usually include questions such as:

  • „ Why do you think that you are the right person for this position? “
  • „ What are your greatest achievements and/or your greatest accomplishments? “
  • „ What are your interests and hobbies?“

Your answers have to show that you are a reliable person with useful life experience.

Use a wide range of examples from all segments of your life: studies, job and private life. For example, when you write about your hobbies, think about the skills you've achieved i.e. leadership, team work, organization, writing skills etc.

If the form contains a part: „additional information“, then you must find out what else is expected from you. It is recommended again to read the advertisement and to discover in the job description what are the required skills and experience. Employers want to know whether you have that experience, knowledge and skills, but your character and behaviour is also important and it should meet job requirements, organization of job and its accomplishment.