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Call for partners

The type of project: Training Course, Action 3.1

Title of project “Spiritual Food and Life!“

From 1st to 9th October 2011, Fruška Gora, Serbia

Training Course about inclusion and promotion of cultural values identified through the visual art expressions for youth with geographical obstacles

Who we are:

The host organization is Association of artists – experts of drama, fine arts, applied arts, music and theory, management of culture and art. It is non profit organization based in Novi Sad, Serbia. Through art “Art Mreza” (Art Network) works on positive promotion and education of values and creative thinking audience, which is mainly youth. We are promoting intercultural dialogue through art and culture. (www.artmreza.com)


Daniel Balanescu – expert for multimedia art and educator http://www.artmreza.com/daniel_balanescu.html#biography

Nebojsa Djeric – experienced trainer

About the Project

Training Course about inclusion and promotion of cultural values identified through the visual art expressions for youth with geographical obstacles - young people from urban problem zones

The main goal of our training course “Food and Life!” is to improve creativity and increase knowledge, learning methods and experiences of participants, which they can use in everyday work with young people from urban problem zones including them in active local community life.

Idea is to show that different young people from different cultures, religious, ethnic backgrounds and geographical zones can work and make together specific art products.

Target group on our training course: all people actively involved in work with young people with youth from urban problem zones (youth workers, youth leaders, NGO activists, school teachers, social workers, parents).

On our training course, using non formal way of learning, participants will get necessary knowledge and skills about new art techniques and methods. With this, participants will become multipliers of products from our training course.

Activities on our training course: making textile design, drawing, work on individual and group expressions, painting, making costume, dance, photography, video, making prints;

(We would like to get participants already with knowledge about visual art.)


  • To make intercession for researching in art and culture
  • To make intercession for culture youth info work
  • To make intercession in promoting the authentic works of Association members
  • To make intercession of developing awareness of the contents and the protection of culture and art
  • To increase interaction and integration of the whole of our culture on the international and national level
  • to make contribution of the development and expansion of national and international artists, theoreticians, art historians and managers of culture and simultaneously
  • To contribute of the cultural identity of our country.
  • To make commitment of the promotion of women authors in culture and art.

Working language:

English – all participants must be able to actively communicate using English language

Period of realization: From 1st to 9th October 2011

Location: Fruška Gora, Serbia

Partners: All interested Program countries and Neighboring Partner countries.

Funding: 100% for accommodation will be covered and 70% of travel cost (Apex tickets) will be reimbursed after receiving original receipts.

If you are interested to become partner organization in our project please send to us:
Filled, Signed, Stamped and Scanned part III from attachment, by E-mail:

Please: As we are applying on 1st February deadline, be as fast as possible in sending to us part III and do not forget to send us approximately your travel costs from your home town to Fruška Gora, Serbia.

Deadline for receiving part III is 20th of January 2011.

Further Information:


Please contact us:

Association Art Mreza (Art Network)
Fruskogorska 29/17.
21000 Novi Sad, Serbia.
+381 63 468 834

Contact Person:

Boris Radivojkov – project manager
+381 63 669 744
+381 21 531 568